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Reminding government officials this is still America, one case at a time

Federal Prosecution by the US Fish and Wildlife Service?  

Confiscated Animals, Antique Clothing or Taxidermy? 

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Welcome to the Law Office of Christopher H. Jones, M.S., Esquire

Constitutional Rights, Environmental, Natural Resources and Wildlife Law

Christopher H. Jones is a trial attorney who specializes in the constitutional rights of citizens, families and businesses affected by international, federal endangered species, state wildlife, criminal and natural resources laws.  A graduate of Baylor University in Waco Texas, the University of Tulsa School of Law and the University of Houston, Jones works closely with legislators, the US Department of Justice and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to change policies of destructive wildlife enforcement actions brought on by rogue government officials. 

Licensed in state and federal courts nationwide, Jones relentlessly protects the freedoms of Americans that governmental powers are surreptitiously taking away under the auspices of public health and safety, animal welfare, endangered species and natural resources protection

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Mr. Jones represented Pastor Coots who was illegally prosecuted by the TWRA. State wildlife officials destroyed his animals and sacramental property, and refused to honor the Commerce Clause and Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution 

Regulatory Agencies:


US Department of Justice Attorney

US Fish and Wildlife Service Attorney

US Forest Service Attorney

US Homeland Security Attorney

US Department of Agriculture Attorney

Animal Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) APHIS  Attorney

US Environmental Protection Agency 

US Department of Energy Attorney

US Department of the Navy Attorney

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Attorney

US Army Corps of Engineers Attorney

US Coast Guard Attorney 

US Department of Labor Attorney

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Attorney

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Attorney

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Attorney

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Attorney

Occupational Safety Health Administration Attorney

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Attorney

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Attorney 

Oklahoma Corporation Commission Attorney

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Attorney

Tennessee Valley Authority Attorney

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Attorney

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Attorney

Texas Forest Service Attorney

National Marine Fisheries Service Attorney

National Park Service Attorney

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement Attorney

Bureau of Indian Affairs Attorney 

Bureau of Land Management Attorney

Center for Disease Control (CDC) CDC Attorney

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Attorney

International Union of Conservation and Nature (IUCN)

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Arizona Game and Fish Department

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Connecticut Fish and Wildlife Department

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife

Idaho Fish and Game

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Missouri Department of Conservation

Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Nebraska Game and Parks

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

North Dakota Game and Fish

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife

Pennsylvania Game Commission

Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Wyoming Game and Fish Department 


Areas of Law:

Adminstrative Law Attorney

Administrative Procedure Act Attorney

Animal Welfare Act Attorney

Zoological Association of America (ZAA) Attorney

Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Attorney

Archaeological Resources Protection Act Attorneyorney

Cattlemen Associations

 Clean Air Act Attorney

Clean Water Act Attorney

Civil Rights Act of 1964 Attorney

Conservation Easements Attorney

Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species Attorney 

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) Attorney

Eminent Domain Attorney

Endangered Species Act Attorney

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Attorney

Energy Law Attorney

Environmental Law Attorney

Forestry Law Attorney 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) FOIA Attorney

Horse Protection Act Attorney

Land Use Attorney

Lacey Act Attorney

Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act Attorney 

Marine Mammal Protection Act Attorney

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Attorney

Native American Law Attorney

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) NEPA Attorney 

                 Environmental Assessment (EA)  

                 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Natural Resources Damages Act Attorney

Oil Pollution Act Attorney

Oil and Gas Law Attorney

Occupational Safety and Health Law Attorney

Public Trust Doctrine Attorney

Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) Attorney

Taxidermy Law Attorney

Toxic Torts Attorney

Water Law Attorney

Wetlands Attorney

Wildlife Law Attorney

Wild Horse and Burro Act Attorney

Zoning Issues Attorney 




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